Our USP and Motto:Sustainable Valuations !

Why should you get a valuation?

A growing number of our valuation engagements are undertaken in preparation of a business sale in order to derive a current Fair Market Value and to identify the value drivers that can potentially enhance the value of the business today and in the future.   

Our Value Advisory practice further works with those clients to execute on the identified value drivers to increase their business value prior to exposing their business to the open market, resulting in higher R.O.I. (return on investment).

There are number of reasons, why your company should have an accurate business valuation done and updated on a regular basis ranging from the ability to attract future capital, to developing a sound understanding of your organization’s tangible and intangible assets and their current value and future value potential.

At times, many company struggles while raising funds or attract key partners because they have overlooked this important step (i.e. having an accurate Business Valuation done and updated on a regular basis) in the earliest stages.

We provide valuations services in the following areas:

  • Business Sale & Acquisition
  • Corporate Resolutions and / or Restructuring
  • Liquidations
  • Tax & Estate Planning
  • Litigation Support
    • Shareholder disputes
    • Severance Packages involving Business
  • Succession Planning & Retirement
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans  (ESOP)
  • Management Buy-Outs (MBO)
  • Loss Quantification
    • Business Interruption
    • Breach of Contract

Assets Valuations Group

Assets Valuations Group provides our clients with an accredited, independent and objective expert value opinion of their business, assets or ownership interest performed up to International Valuations Standards (IVS) and /or its’ Indian equivalent Standards, if any, that will stand up to scrutiny, while emphasizing timeliness and affordability.

The valuation of a business and / or its underlying assets, calls for a combination of science, experience and professional judgment that yield practical insight into the strategic, operational and financial affairs of the business.  The resulting valuation reports help our clients gain a true value perspective of their business or business interest.

Business valuations provided by Assets Valuations Group are essential for assessing the true value of a business, whether you are buying, selling, building a succession plan, assessing your corporate strategy or dealing with a shareholder or legal dispute.

Why should you  opt for “My Valuations” group ?

Our professional practice focuses on Valuations, Business Valuations, Machinery & Equipment Appraisal and Commercial Real Estate Appraisals to help our clients determine the Fair Market Value of their shares or assets.

Our Value Advisory Practice works with some of our clients to help them improve the value of their businesses, with the aim of maximizing value in contemplation of a future sale and where an exit strategy is being planned.


U. N. PANDEY is a Chartered Accountant (FCA-India), Certified Public Accountant (FCPA-Australia) and IBBI Registered Valuer-Securities or Financial Assets , with over 30 years’ experience providing client focused services.

He has more than twenty plus years’ experience in providing business valuations, litigation support services and a range of management and financial consulting services to a wide variety of clients in many industry sectors as well to the public sectors and rendering professional services as Public Practitioner for more than three decades providing audit, tax and accounting services.

U. N. PANDEY is one of the senior Business Valuer at Assets Valuations Group. He collaborates and mentors other valuer on all business valuation engagements. His rich valuations experience is invaluable and a key driver and instrumental for our competitive advantage.  In other words, he adds incremental perspective and provides additional assurance to every valuation assignment.